3 Young Millionaires 2 (2018)

Golden Century Presents

3 Young Millionaires 2 (2018)

The return of the zany original comedy, shot, produced and acted in by three brothers, their father and a few friends. 3 Young Millionaires is a story about three teenagers

who fail to keep up with their education and end up not taking the further education route. Upon receiving there exam results and finding that they have all failed miserably; they begin exploring the university of life and looking at the various options available to them.

After considering drug dealing, racketeering and other criminal activity, they get inspired by a successful movie maker. They decide to make a film and after extensive troubles, where they end up owing a large sum of money that they have spent on making the movie; when the movie fails to attract any success they lose hope and decide to run away.

Just as they’re leaving town, they receive an unexpected surprise which leaves them stunned.

Starring: Ibrahim Majid | Abdulla Majid | Yousuf Majid