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Who is Golden Century? and what do we do?

We are Golden Century - The Entertainment Company

Golden Century was founded in 2012 by a one man team to serve the needs of businesses and individuals. One of our forefront aims is to create something that is unique, something is special and bring forth something that has never existed on our screens in the past to entertain our audience.

We pride our self in creating exceptional “Golden” content, content that is second to none and fulfill that utter most needs of our clients. This is the Golden Century that we feel privileged to live by and under.

At Golden Century we offer various types of services, ranging from artworks designs, website development and design to TV and film production work.

  • Digital artwork and Print Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Film, TV & Digital Media Productions

2014 was a very important year for Golden Century as it excelled in many of it departments.
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Its the third anniversary for Golden Century, many projects were accomplished in this year too! likewise the previous years.

Second year in and its going successful. Yaayy!

The year where it all began!